Don’t be a Clutter-Putz: Organize Golf Gear for Peak Performance

Don’t be a Clutter-Putz: Organize Golf Gear for Peak Performance

Let’s face it, golf has a love/hate relationship with 98% of the amateurs out there. On any given day on the green I can come home feeling elated, like pre-teen kissing a girl for the first time or pissed off as all hell like, well, like a crappy golfer. 

In this often mind-numbing game, focus is crucial. Maintaining a clear and concentrated mind allows you to make accurate shots and improve your overall performance. One effective way to enhance your focus is by organizing your golf equipment. By having a well-organized setup, you can minimize distractions, streamline your game, and ensure that you have everything you need within reach. 

I’ll admit, I’m as anal-retentive as they come, some say borderline OCD. “Everything has its place,” I used to say to my kids as they dumped their entire being on the floor upon returning from the beach. Wetsuits, swim fins, boogie boards, you name it. That sh*t is strewn all over the damn place similar to the yard sale I call golf when I don’t have my equipment organized. Balls, tees, ball markers, divot tools, gloves. I swear this industry drains money from its sorry parishioners better than a Catholic sermon on Sunday. So don’t be the a-hole who holds up your game digging in his bag every shot to find your stuff. Get your game in order wo/man! By organizing your golf equipment, you can not only stay focused and elevate your golf game but you can also stop pissing off everyone else on the course by being a clutter-putz.


  1. Tees are imperative when it comes to getting the perfect shot off the tee-box. To keep them organized, consider using a tee clip, or Clyp as we call them, specifically designed to hold tees and other items. Put your Clyp on your shirt, hat, belt, pants, bag, or nose, ensuring easy access when you need to replace a tee during your round. By having tees readily available and organized, you eliminate the need for searching through your bag like an ass-hat and maintain a steady rhythm in your game.
  2. Gloves are essential for a good grip on the club, similar to Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax on your board, ensuring consistent swings. However, when not properly managed, gloves can easily get misplaced or damaged. Invest in a glove holder like the ByrdBelt to store your gloves between shots, keeping them safe and secure while you putt. By having a designated spot for your gloves, you can quickly put them on or take them off without disrupting your focus on the game.
  3. During a round of golf, accurately marking your ball's position is crucial, especially when playing with other duffers. To keep your ball markers organized, get the ByrdClyp (or ByrdByll) with a super magnetic tip that attaches to anything. This way, you can easily retrieve your marker without rummaging through pockets or searching your bag.
  4. Divot tools are essential for repairing the marks left on the green either by high flying, perfectly landing chip shots or by butt-heads who failed to fix their ball marks. To prevent losing or misplacing your divot tool, consider attaching it to your ByrdClyp or ByrdBelt specifically designed for divot tools and the rest of your gear. 


Equipment organization plays a significant role in maintaining focus on the golf course AND your sanity upon returning home. Utilize the aforementioned golf toolsby The Byrd to store your equipment strategically. Keep them all together in a safe, convenient spot where you can find tees, ball markers, divot tools and gloves all in one multi-functional tool. By keeping your gear organized, you create a calm and clutter-free environment that allows you to focus solely on your swing. When your equipment is organized, you can effortlessly access what you need, allowing your focus to remain on your shots, strategy, and the joy/agony of the game. Golf is aggravating enough, don’t add to your frustration by being a clutter-putz. 


Where fashion meets function, Byrd Wear for the modern golfer. 

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