The Byrd Golf Takes Center Stage at PGA Show 2024: Top 6 Product

The Byrd Golf Takes Center Stage at PGA Show 2024: Top 6 Product

The upcoming PGA Show is next week and we’re headed to Florida on Monday for the big event. This year marked a significant milestone for us, not only as our first year of business but also as our new golf accessories have earned the prestigious recognition of being among the top 6 innovative products of the year! As a startup that barely scraped together enough cash to exhibit, we’ve been given the unique opportunity to pitch on the main stage to the pros for the title of best new golf product of the year.

Matt and I are humbled and thrilled to share this exciting chapter in the journey of The Byrd. What started as a passion, side hustle is quickly becoming our sole focus and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful. The fact that the biggest golf conference in the world has recognized us is just insane. And we will be pitching twice on Thursday, Jan. 25th to two distinguished panels for the title of “Best in Show” and “Most Innovative Product” of the year. And the panelists to whom we are pitching are no joke, including the one and only golf maven, David Leadbetter and original shark, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank as well as other highly distinguished golf innovation royalty including Santiago Mari, Carolin Pinegger, and Mike and Derek Locker.

The prospect of pitching on the main stage at the PGA Show is both exciting and humbling. It's an opportunity to share our passion for the game and the exhausting pursuit of creating products that better the golfing experience. The panel of judges represents the pinnacle of the industry, and we are honored to have the chance to present our journey and products to such esteemed individuals.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights as we take center stage for this incredible opportunity.

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