Top 5 Ways to Stay Focused on the Course

Top 5 Ways to Stay Focused on the Course

We've all seen it before, that sloppy guy who is disheveled, disorganized, and a major disappointment. You know the one, the guy who shows up to a 10am tee time at 9:53, who's shirt is stained, hair is a mess, beard is 4 days old, and shoes are from 1989 (old school saddle oxfords, dork). He couldn't stay focused on his golf game if his life depended on it. He just shows up, spends the first 20 minutes boring you with his mindless drivel, then drifts in and out of consciousness throughout the round, unable to string a complete sentence together let alone concentrate on his golf game. Don't be that guy. 

Here are our top 5 ways to stay focused on the golf course because we all know that a centered mind is key to a great golf game. 


1. Og Tel (for all you Star Wars nerds, Og Tel is Let Go backwards and we all know which wise old man told Luke to "Let Go"): If you want to enhance your performance on the course, you need to focus on your game, so leave your worries at home. When your toes hit the greens, turn all of your attention to the course ahead and let go of your job, mortgage, screaming kids, angry wife (for begrudgingly giving you a hall pass to be gone for 5 hours). 


2. Take Your Meds: Whether it's Ritalin, yoga, or the Calm app as your drug of choice, be sure to partake in it before you leave the house because a cluttered mind is the enemy on the greens. 


3. Properly Prep: We all look forward to that weekend we get to play golf. We think about it all week long and as we drift off to sleep, picturing our straight, long drives off the tee box, our aggressive yet savvy approaches, our delicate chips onto the green, and our 1-2 putts into the hole. These are great ways to keep your head in the game but don't stop there. Keep up your preparedness all the way to the course with some pre-games stretches, a proper meal, and a bit of liquid courage (it's important to stay hydrated on the course). 


4. Get Good Rest: A good night sleep is worth a million bucks but is often elusive as it is difficult to shake the day's events, tomorrow's presentation, or next week's business trip. What I like to do to get focused and relaxed in order to fall asleep is to think about things that make me happy, that feel effortless, and rewarding. Sometimes those thoughts are of catching a perfect wave and riding it for ages, and sometimes those thoughts are playing 18, envisioning myself on the first tee box, slowing down my swing and making perfect contact with the ball...watching it fly straight as an arrow down the...zzzzzzzz.


5. Organize Your Gear: Get your sh*t together on the course. Don't be "that guy" and hold up everyone's game by fumbling around in your bag or your pockets for your critical golf gear. Organize your tees, divot tools, ball markers, pencils, and gloves with style with the indisputable multitools from The Byrd


Golf is meant to be fun, but we all have a love/hate relationship with it. Three bad holes in a row and you're ready to toss your bag in the lake. But one magical, pin-high lunar landing on the green and you're right back in love. The least you can do while on-course is get your head in the game. Trust me, it makes it more fun. 

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